Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cutting Mimi's Hair

I am really lucky that Mimi's hair is curly.  I cannot bring myself to cut it.  To me it is like her last untouched infant-like characteristic.  I have never cut a hair on this kids head.  Can you imagine what a ragga-muffin she would look like if she had straight her? It would be all uneven and hippy granola looking probably....

Here's her hair on an everyday morning.  I don't even brush it.  I bathe her at night and comb her hair with a wide tooth comb and that's it. I never comb it otherwise.  I hope that these curls are for real and stay for the long haul.  Her poppa has ringlet curly hair and mine is wavy, so I say little prayers that these curls are here to stay....

We've just been enjoying the GORGEOUS weather Florida is having this past week or two.  Go ahead, you can be jealous....it's a reasonable feeling when you read about me having to wear sunscreen in February/early March when you're still shoveling snow out of your driveway........Wow, that was so mean....but seriously it has been beautiful.

Life has been a little crazy and I'm just trying to take each day as one day to get through.  I get up, kiss Mimi as many times as I can before I leave for work, do my best at my job and just come home and love my family and relax in my home.  The floors can get mopped tomorrow, my body won't melt into blubber if I don't run tonight, and the dishes can wait until tomorrow---however the more I put off giving my poor dog a bath, the worse we all are! Phew I wish I had Courtney's hypoallergenic scent free dog Jack Jack Sparrow right now.....

My blood pressure has not improved even with two doublings of my medication. I continue to go for more tests to rule out other potential health issues.  So far signs still lead back to stress.  Today my boss yelled at me about something so stupid and not even my fault, but instead of getting upset and letting it bother me, or making me cry, I just felt bad for him.  I was embarrassed for him, that he exhibits such behavior as a superviser, a leader, and an adult.  I am not the one with the problem.  

Friday I am going to try a meditation class.  I have a friend that has been practicing meditation for over a year now and he claims it has changed his life.  He used to be a very high strung stressed out peson like myself.  It's actually free too, which is nice.  Cheaper than beta blockers!  Anyway, so I'm going to try it out.  I may try doing a yoga class at my gym too.

I am dedicated to changing my life and situation to improve my health.  I know this seems far off, but it's not really--I have been thinking a lot lately about having another baby, and we've talked about trying for another one next year if our living situation is right.  Maybe it's all my beautiful pregnant friends who I am overjoyed for making this be on my mind more.....  (BTW CONGRATS TO COURT FINDING OUT SHE'S HAVING A BOY!!!)  Having hypertension would make a pregnancy much more risky for me and for an unborn child.  I really need to put my health first right now.  

Today I'm just thankful to have such a great support system.  My husband has been beyond loving and supportive to me through all this stress and craziness, and I have a great circle of friends that listen to me over coffee, let me call them on my way home from work, and always have an open ear and a funny joke. 

Today my daughter did something that melted my heart....she's been really big into boo boo's lately, showing me her boo boo's, telling me she has boo boo's, wanting kisses for her boo boos.....As we sat on the kitchen floor picking up the pasta she dumped everywhere, she pointed to the hideous scar on my right knee (well I have about 6 actually from the two surgeries), and she said boo boo with such a sad little voice and bent her head down and kissed my knee and looked at me with a huge smile, as if to say "I fixed it mommy, it's all better now."  I can't even find words to express how much I love my child. 

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Jess Craig said...

i love mimi's hair! and wyatt totally has that granola, messy, hippy kid hair. i can't bring myself to cut it either. i feel like he's too young... :(