Thursday, February 10, 2011

My little valentine

My Little Valentine :-)
So Valentine's day is coming.  My husband (and me too mostly) agree that this is a Hallmark Holiday 110%.  But why not have a little fun with it? I'm not expecting roses, chocolates or anything of the like.  I generally don't enjoy flowers because they just die on your kitchen table in a vase, such a waste, and I eat chocolate everyday anyway! My husband and I made this tradition a few years ago of going shoe shopping on Valentine's Day.  We go to the shoe store and don't feel bad splurging on footwear this one day a year.  I'm getting new running shoes and I am SO PSYCHED!

At Mimi's daycare they are having a party and eating red and heart-shaped things all day.  I'm going to make some heart-shaped cookies on a lolipop sticks and send her to daycare in this homemade outfit.  So I've mentioned that I have been sewing a lot right?  Well a lot of the things I sew are going to be gifts for my friends having babies, two of which read my blog, so I don't feature too many of my creations here.  This skirt however was a weekend naptime project that I'm pretty darn proud of.  I found the tutorial on this girl's awesome craft and sewing blog.  She calls it the "Market Skirt."  You'll notice mine had no pockets, which is simply me being too lazy. I thought it looked cute without however.  I made one for Grace's Daughter Dahlia as well.  We're hoping to get some cute photos of the two girls in them this weekend.  Let's hope Florida's crazy weather will be in our favor.  I am hoping to make some green ones for St. Patrick's Day next month.  I have lots of little girls I know that would look darn cute in them!  Mimi's shirt I also made.  It's a $5 shirt from target and I appliqued felt hearts on it that cost $0.29 per sheet.  Altogether, I'd say this outfit costs less than $8, not bad right?

Things in life have been looking up a little.  I'm continuing to train to for my 10K in March.  I am up to 4 miles and plan to run 4.5 miles this Sunday.  Things have work have improved and some changes have occurred.  My husband may have some changes coming up too, we'll see.

I want to give a quick shout out to Kaleb!! Kaleb turned one on February 9!!! Click on over and check out the Pile family's blog to read all about it!


Jess Craig said...

wow! i can't believe you made that! that's really awesome. also, that's the BEST tradition i have ever heard. i'm an idiot who buys into valentines and i end up getting super disappointed.

Meghann said...

amazing outfit!! i bet she gets so many compliments! you know the sewing officially makes you supermom, right?

Kammy'sMama said...

that skirt is just so darn cute!! very impressive :) how the hell do you find time to work, run, hang with mimi, craft and not turn into a crazy woman?! please tell me!