Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mental Health Day

I meant to do this last week--but the week got away with me!

On Wednesday's I'm supposed to take time to work on my dissertation.  It's a "deal" I worked out with my current superviser, where I am allowed to cut back my hours if my work if caught up to this.  UM......who's getting the deal? Because my boss is getting 40 hours of work out of me for the price of 35....anyway. I digress....

So this Wednesday, I woke up at my normal time, had breakfast with Mimi, and instead of throwing on jeans, I threw on gym clothes.  My husband looked at me, as if you say "um, I thought you were going to go work on your dissertation!?" because he knew I was putting my running stuff on.  I said, "yeah i'm going to take a 1/2 mental health day, then go work," he grimaced and left with Mimi.

So my 1/2 mental health/dissertation day turned into a 100% (much needed) mental health day.  To be perfectly honest, i've been a little depressed lately. I'm not talking about being blue and getting over it, I'm talking about laying in bed forcing yourself to get up and face the day.  Sitting at work lifeless hating what you do all day.  The worst part if how if affects my relationship with my husband.  We fought and bickered for an entire week.  I needed a day for myself.

I spent the morning digging my way out of 7 loads of this:
How would doing laundry make me relaxed? Having a messy home KILLS my mood. I can't relax OR be productive in my home when it's like that.  So I tidied and did landry for a few hours.

Then I went to bed bath and beyond to replace my bathroom scale that had broken that morning, because YES I AM A RELIGIOUS WEIGHER. I weigh myself every morning.  I'm not obsessed about my weight, but being aware of changes keeps my diet in check.  I used a coupon, that was expired and they took it anyway.  Thank you Bed Bath and Beyond for being so super cool.  Then I stopped in the bookstore and picked up a book that I have wanted for awhile.   It's called the "Raw Food Detox Diet" however It's more of a lifestyle than a diet.  I've read a bunch of it, and plan to do a separt blog post on this....
I have to point out, the other book, underneath "Running for Women" sits on my nightstand.  When my daughter comes in she points to the cover (photo of women running) and says "Mama!"
God bless you Mimi.  Mama would love to be that lean.  Speaking of running, when I got home, I decided this 1/2 mental health day must become an entire day.  I went running in some warm humid weather.  I did my usually 3.1 miles and LOVED running during the day.  I never really get to run during the day except on weekend.  It was like a gift.  I got home was craving protein.  I made myself a tuna sandwhich on homemade bread and didnt' fret over the mayo because I just burned 400 calories.

It was sooooo good.  I love tuna, but I watch my consumption for a few reasons----1.  I hate the smell of it in my house/office.  2.  It has more mercury than other fish choices  3.  It inevitably if made with mayo (high calorie and fat), and I dont' eat fake or light mayo---if you're going to eat it, just eat the real stuff!

I spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing, cleaning, prepping dinner then picked my angle up from daycare and spent the rest of the day with her not stressing about anything.  

This day made me wonder what it would be like to be home fulltime again.  Granted, I didn't have my daughter with me, so It's not a true reflection of life at home with baby.  Although, the only thing I did that would have conflicted with having her home was running, and I can run with the jog stroller, I just dont' prefer it.  I look forward to being home with kids more over this next year.  I'm working towards it.


stephanie5288 said...

It sounds like you had an amazing day!

Kyle and Court said...

You know what helps me? I always feel perked up after talking to you. ;)

My pile of laundry and dirty floorboards are messing with my peace of mind right now, so I understand.

As always, miss you!