Monday, February 7, 2011

Ugh this video irritates the hell out of me!

Okay, so this woman is putting up a video about why she thinks spanking is wrong.  Dude.

I put a comment on her video explaining that I slap my child on the hand when she is about to do something that harms her, like touching the stove, opening the oven, touching electrical device, etc.  This is the ONLY time I hit my child in any way.  My husband and I both agree that this deters her, and teaches her NOT to touch those things.  Any other time she is acting out or misbehaving, she gets time out, which seems to be working well for now.  Going by what this woman says, I'm abusing my child and not teaching my child anything.  First I'd like to point out that her kid (only kid) is an INFANT.  She claims in another video that we as commenters can't claim that she doesn't know what she's talking about just because she has an infant because she's been a babysitter and worked at a daycare.  Well now sh*t, you should NEVER hit someone else's kid PERIOD.  It's not your job to discipline anyone else's child.  I never once hit a child that I took care of.  She responded to me saying "if you're close enough to hit your child why not just remove her from the situation?"  Great answer from someone who doesn't have a toddler.  Well, because frankly, that doesn't equate with a one year to "don't touch this hot dangerous thing it could hurt you."  MY one year old doesn't have the ability to reason and say "you're right mommy, when I touch this hot thing, it could hurt me really badly, I should just walk away right now."  Let me tell you, I only had to slap her hand once for touching the oven door and she HAS NEVER TOUCHED IT AGAIN.   And of course I tell her "hot no! don't touch" I'm not a friggin idiot, I know how to teach my child wrong from right, but when it is something dangerous I try words first, but sometimes she is too focused on what she is going to do that it's as if she can't even hear me.

I would say I've slapped her hand maybe 3 or 4 times in her life.  I watch this video and the woman's tone is so condescending and judgmental.  She makes her statements such as "by hitting your child you're not teaching" then right after it says "oh, but i'm not saying people who hit their children dont' teach them."  That is like saying "Chocolate is evil, I never eat it, but i'm not saying you're evil if you eat chocolate." UGH, if you're going to put yourself out there and give an opinion, have a backbone and stop saying cover you ass statements afterwards to avoid offending people.  That is so friggin irritating.

You know what, when I was a kid I was hit with a belt when I was bad--I man hard, hard enough to leave a mark.  Looking back on this, I really don't see how hitting me like that taught me anything.  My husband was hit with a wooden spoon when he was a child.  Both of us agree hitting her as a punishment isn't really our preferred way to punish her.  But slapping her on the hand to get her attention about a potentially harmful situation is NOT abuse.

This video really gave me a bad taste in my mouth.  I don't think I'm going to watch this woman's videos anymore.  She is so condescending sometimes.


stephanie5288 said...

I am laughing as I write this because earlier today I was talking to another mom of a toddler about this video. All I could think while watching it was "You make everything seem so black and white. Life is full of shades of gray". I too have slapped Claire's hand when she has tried to touch the stove. I also said "No! Hot! Don't touch!" and now every time she sees the stove she points, looks at me with the most serious and adorable face, and says "hot". There is so much more to add, but I don't want to write a novel (oops! too late! lol).

Laura said...

This girl is a moron!