Friday, July 29, 2011

Using up old fabric scraps.....

So after living here over a month now I finally too my sewing stuff out.  I just had this sewing itch.  Like I just had to sew something.  I finished a watermelon patterned summer halter dress for Mimi which I will force her to model tomorrow, and I did two headbands for myself out of some scraps.  One is a scrap from a blanket I made for a friend's baby and one if from a nursing cover I made for my other friend.  I think when I visit her I'm going to wear it, just so that MY headband matches HER nursing cover. How cool would we be?! Right!?

Well you can tell I'm not working on my dissertation cause I"m bloggin' like a mad women these days.....but remember July is my wash month!

So here's some pics of the bands--just used 1/2 inch white elastic for the back, they came out pretty cool for using scrap fabric and taking under 5 minutes each.
Me without a cool headband...I look hot at 10:30 at night right!?

Awesome teal one left over from fabric from Courtney's nursing cover....

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stephanie5288 said...

Those look so good! I envy your sewing abilities :)