Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Random Thoughts of Today

Today was super crazy.  I was supposed to meet my mom gang at the park for a swim at 10 then we get there and they tell us the pool is closed due to sewage issues (UM....YUCK), man you think they would lie and say it's over chlorinate or something....anyway, so I tell the mom gang to come to my pool at my apartment complex around the corner, which is empty except for Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  They all came and loved the pool and stayed until noon.  I made cookies and only on mom got a little snarky about feeding kids cookies at 10am....

After the gang left, one of the mom's stopped by my apartment to grab some dresses for her little girl.  I used to give stuff to my friend Courtney, but man her kid is the same size as mine now!  So it wouldn't do much good to pass down the dresses to her I guess.  Anyway, so I totally can't believe I let this lady see the state of my home.  Seriously y'all, it looked like toy boxes vomited.  I had made cookies that morning and stripped the bed and who knows what else was laying around.  What was I thinking?  She didn't seemed phased, must be her house looks like a toy boxed puked too.  I like this girl, she's younger than me, but way mature.  Her husband is a preacher, which freaks me out cause I'm afraid to swear or something in front of her.  I tend to not befriend people I feel censored around, but she is so sweet and kind and fun.

Then came Mimi's 2 year well child visit.  UGH.  I don't want to rehash it.  I felt nervous going in, I know my kid is giganto toddler, okay i'm exaggerating, I know my child is chunky above average in size and now that she's not a baby anymore, above average in size isn't always applauded as it was in the infant size when they tell you "an infant won't overeat, they stop when they're full......"  Sure enough this gerkface Pediatrician tells me Mimi is overweight.  I held back the emotional reaction that instantly flared up inside me, and just nodded and said okay.  He continued to tell me how many calories she should have, and how much calcium she needs , blah blah blah.  I'm not an idiot.  I feed my kid whole organic foods.  I never force her to eat, I don't fuel her with junk, I don't let her have soda.  Don't tell me what to feed my kid, or that she's fat.  If my friend hadn't called me when I got home I probably would have just laid down and cried.  I am really sensitive about Mimi's size.  I constantly question myself over what I feed her, how much I feed her, how much she plays, is she active enough etc.  I don't want her to have the childhood like I had, being the overweight child.  I also don't want to obsess over it and give her a complex.  I try to let her eat when she's hungry, I don't strictly adhere to a "feeding schedule."  I let her stop when she's full.  I fuel her with good food and keep her active, and that's enough right now.  She is still growing into her body.

When my husband got home he could tell I was upset about it.  He reassured me that he looked JUST LIKE Mimi as a child and he never had any sort of a weight issue.  He reassured me that I'm a good mom and that we take good care of our little girl and those statistics don't mean our child is fat.  The day was so nuts, I couldn't even bring myself to cook dinner.  Mimi was conked out after her Hep A Vaccine, so we waited for her to wake up and went for dim sum.  I had the most delicious wonton soup I've had in my life (and I've had a lot of wonton soup folks), and Mimi was pretty well behaved all things considered.  My husband was pretty supportive and nice, when usually he can give me a little too much tough love over stuff I get upset about.  He helped me end the day on a positive note. Bless him.

On a random note---I call the people who live upstairs from me the spawn of satan neighbors, or "treadmill girl" because she' so dang loud it sounds like she's on a treadmill.  They are so loud tonight I wonder what the heck they're doing.  Seriously. FML for being in an apt again.  UGH.

Overweight? Seriously? So 2 year olds can't have ANY pudge?
My B.O.B. Revolution SE comes tomorrow.  So does my husband's Kindle. It's like Christmas for us!  I can run and he can read. We both could use some of both!  I'll have to upload photos cause I'm that excited about it.

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Meghann (Bringing up Bumble) said...

geez good for you making friends right off the bat! i'm jealous! i've been here errrm 8 months & still haven't found someone i'd call an actual new "friend"
i wouldn't worry too much about mimi's weight - she's only two and you can be assured she's getting tons of nutrients for good brain development and growth. although it's hard for me to give you an opinion about the whole weight thing since i was super underweight growing up & so is carter. i feel like all my stress would be gone if my kid would just bite into a damn sandwich.