Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Lasagna Day!

Did you even know it was National Lasagna day!? What!? You didn't!? Me either.  I found a coupon on this website my husband referred me to.  I love free stuff.  Especially free food.  This website is awesome, especially for people new to the area who don't know about this stuff.....

Some other cheap fun (and different) things Mimi and I have planned coming up:
1.  Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary (found 1/2 priced tickets on saveology)
2.  Running at Town Lake (with some duck feeding mixed in)
3.  Creative Dance classes for Mimi (Starting August 15)
4.  Austin Children's Museum (bought my season pass yesterday)
5.  Ride on Thomas the Tank Engine (Sept)
6.  Exotic Animal Farm (over 500 animals!!!)
7.  Dino Park (I see this being a fun place for photos)

Sounds like Mimi and I are going to be busy!

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