Friday, July 8, 2011

Hallelujah! We have internet!

Seriously.  The internet was the only thing that was my husband's job to "take care of" when we moved.  I did everything else (on time) and 2 weeks after we've moved in, we finally have our internet hooked up.  I know what you're thinking, geesh Jen, it's just internet, let it go.  When you move to a new city, and have not idea where anything is, or what here is to do, or how to get there, the internet would have been helpful. Not to mention we do all our billing on line, and our bank cancelled our debits cards for "security reasons" and just merely emailed us to let us know this, and the list of reasons for me to complain goes on.....

So now, I am back and ready to update all 33 of my lovely followers lol.  I know you were all scratching your heads wondering where I had gone, rest assured, I am safe in my new weird apartment with a few boxes still kicking around the living room.

The drive here went well, actually better than expected.  Mimi watched about 10 hours of movies (including the most annoying "Max and Ruby" DVD I've ever experienced), we stopped in rest areas in 4 states, and saw two great friends and some family I hadn't seen in 10 years.  The rental Avis gave us (which was not what I paid for or reserved oddly enough) worked out fine and was pretty comfy to drive.  The dog was chilled out on his giant LLBean dog bed, and Mimi and I spent 17 hours in the car over 3 days.

We moved into our apartment, which is nice, but honestly is an apartment.  We already hate our upstairs neighbors, but who doesn't.  The place has huge bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets.  It has a pretty decent kitchen, and a nice pool.  After two weeks here, I'm really liking the location.  It is in Central Austin, so it's really easy to access all the different areas of city quickly and easily.   I already know that we'll be looking for a little house our townhome to rent next year though.

My husband loves his new job, and the 4-day work week.  I LOVE being unemployed.  Seriously.  I love doing consulting on a as-needed basis.  I feel really free.

Mimi seems to be taking the change really well.  She occasionally asks for her friend Dahlia and my friend Kim, but doesn't get upset when I remind her we live far away now.  I hope they both come visit though.  Mimi is loving having me home with her (at least I think so! lol).  The first week was rough.  We spent the week a little cooped up emptying boxes and getting lost when we tried to drive to the grocery store.   I tried to join a meetup, but the moms didn't talk to me or care to meet me. Meetup FAIL.  I found a local park this week and met some really awesome moms.   Seriously, they were so awesome.  They all had kids Mimi's age, and were so polite and welcoming.  Most of them go to this park daily around 10 and stay till 12 or 1.  We went 3 days and each day they remembered us and welcomed us back.  Each day new moms were there and wanted to get to know us.  I dont' know if it's how nice they were compared to the meetup moms, or my isolated loneliness, but this just made me feel so awesome.  They all seem like great women with such great kids.  They all are different ages, and seem to have different backgrounds, which is refreshing too.  I'll talk more about this nice group later.

So that's our update.  I have so many blogs I want to do, so I'll try not to get too annoying!
Miss you guys!

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Sascha und Karin said...

Great you are back! And I am glad everything went well.