Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stop Dressing Like a Mom

I seriously am starting to fall into the trap of dressing like a stay at home mom.  I met this one mom at the park (however nice/friendly etc) she epitomized my mental image of a SAHM.  Old 5K shirt, workout capris, hat, sneakers, no makeup.  Wow I sound really judgmental. I'm not saying she looked bad, I'm saying that I do no want to fall into a habit of not putting some effort into my looks.  When I try to put a little effort into how I look, I feel better about myself.  I'm not saying I flat iron my hair and put on fake eye lashes to go sweat at the park, but I try to look one notch above rolling out of bed (at least lol).

If I don't watch out, I'll wear these  nike drifit shorts and t-shirts everyday.  The hat would be my everyday too, most days I put off showering in the morning knowing I'm going sit and sweat at the park or swim in chlorine with Mimi.  

I like this photo of me a little better. I took a dress from Target and added a necklace and belt from Forever 21.  Not expensive or flashy, but I just felt better about myself.

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