Saturday, July 16, 2011

Our Saturday

We ventured out today to a child-sized amusement park and met up with some of the families I've met at the local park.  It's really nice to make friends in a new city.  Especially when they have kids the same age as yours.

We met everyone at 10, and it was a beautiful overcast day.  I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but here in Texas man, the sun BURNS.  It wasn't rainy, just cloudy and breezy.  We bought our tickets as a group of 10 and got them 50% off, which was really cool.  All the parents were allowed to ride for free with one ticketed child.  They were all toddler-sized carnival rides.  Mimi looks miserable in the photos, but I swear she did have fun!

After the rides we decided to pass on lunch with the families and try to make it to our local farmer's market before it closed at 1pm.  We picked up some AMAZING organic produce, and for the prices of conventional vegetables at the local grocery store.  I think we will be joining the CSA of one of the particle farmers that comes to the farmers market.  We are loving their stuff.

Of course we had to get snowcones on the way home.  Can't be too healthy now with all of our smug organic produce right!?
Phew. After all this, I need a nap.  Later Gators....

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