Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Turned out to be a good day

So today started off poorly.  I would call this morning a "I don't feel like being a mom of a toddler morning."  Do any of you have those?  You wake up (to your kid climbing in bed with you saying "Momma GIT UP") and you just feel like UGH, I cannot entertain this rambunctious creature today.  After a spinach and cream cheese omlet and a rather large shot of espresso I hoped things would get less grumpy on the mom end.

I got to chatting with my friend Grace who just came off maternity leave and was pumping at her desk chatting with me.  She seems okay, but really not happy going back to work and leaving her littles ones.  And I thought, damnit Jen, perk up and play with your kid cause you're blessed to be at home with her!  So my new mom friend brought her daughter over and we swam for 2 or 3 hours.  Then the girls played and watched some Dora.  It really helped the day pass.

After they left it was like Christmas!  The office called and told us we had packages and that they would appreciate it if we came and got them rather soon.....VOILA! Go B.O.B. Revolution SE in plum has arrived!  Mimi also got a big ol' package of pullups from amazon (if you're not doing subscribe and save with the mom's club discount you're missing out on 30% off your diapers ladies....), and papa got a Kindle. My husband has to do a lot of reading for work lately and he wanted one and NEVER buys himself anything, so I ordered it for him and he was so psyched.  Good wife right?

Anyway..back to what's AWESOME the B.O.B. is. ....
It literally took 2 minutes to assemble, including installing the quick release wheels.  I had read a bunch about it and seen videos describing all the features so I showed Mimi all its buzz and whistles.  She instantly loved it and wanted to sit in it.  I showed her how it reclined and how the shade made it like a little hideout for her inside and she said "Momma I want to nap in it...." no joke.  Let's hope she's that thrilled with this thing when I strap her in it for 40 minutes to run 3.5 miles on Friday morning....
sorry for the crap quality, it's from my IPHONE, and don't mind the mess behind her lol!
My husband and I never buy nice things.  We have splurged just a little, but in all fairness, I did sell Mimi's radio flyer wagon, and most of the old baby stuff to offset the cost of this beast.  I'll let you know how it jogs.  When the hubs got home he was uber impressed with the fancy features and said if I don't go running with it I have to sell it. Fair is fair, it is meant to RUN with and it's rather bulky in our small place.  He was impressed how you can push it and turn it with one finger when the wheel's not in locked mode (for running).

My husband was working 4 long days and just switched to 5 normal days and he loves it. Now he's home by 4:30 and we actually can have an afternoon and evening together!  We went to the downtown Whole Foods, the flagship store and played around getting snacks and goodies in the bulk sections and then looked at soaps and vitamines.  Yeah we're weirdos who like Castille soaps and vitamins.  

I want to go there someday for lunch, the food looks (and smells) amazing!!!  There is another Whole Foods north of us, but it's not as big.

After our supermarket run, we decided to go have a beer at the beer co op at our place.  It was so nice, we had a beer outside and Mimi had this fun rootbeer that was so delicious. It had so much Vanilla in it!  She drank like 5 sips then ran off to play on the patio, so I drank most of it.  My husband and I talked about whether we should rent next year or consider buying another home.

We went home and had our dinner waiting for us in the crockpot.  

Dinners cleaned up, dog is walked, kid is clean and in bed, and I'm off to read and relax!  Tomorrow is national lasagna day did you know?!  My friend and I are taking out kids to a storytime at the library then to go get free lasagna!  


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Shannon said...

The stroller looks amazing! So glad that you had a good day after all!