Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spontaneous cookouts

I feel like the queen of spontaneous cookouts lately! Two this week.  These last minute cookouts help us soak in these amazing "spring preview" weather days!  This week we had a day that was sunny and 85, almost requiring sunscreen!  Last night we cooked out at the dogpark here at my place, we let the pups play and threw some hot dogs and sausages on the charcoal grill and enjoyed some beers with our fellow pooch lovers.  That's one thing that I'll miss when we move out of this complex, the amazing friends I've made at the dog park! lol

Today was sunny and breezy.  We met up with some friends in North Austin for another spontaneous cookout.  Her husband owns a catering business and used to own a lebanese restaurant, so needless to say the food was amazing.  The neat thing is they are "primal" eaters too, so eating with them is a breeze.  Her son and Mimi get along so amazingly.  We joke that they are boyfriend and girlfriend.  Mimi has so much fun with her pal she always cries when we have to leave their house.   I also enjoying hogging my friends 3 month-old pork chop.  She is the most beautiful little baby, I could just eat her up!  I told my husband watch out because holding her makes me crazy for another baby!  I didn't bring my camera, but my friend snapped some photos from her phone that I'll share.

My tree climbing little Mimi

Me holding baby Hazel being a baby hog

Getting ready to eat

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Sascha und Karin said...

That looks so like fun! I love cookouts too, but unfortunately its still to cold here.