Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunting Dinosaurs

I told Mimi we were going on a dino hunt today with our friends.  I had seen a coupon for this place in my membership packet for the Austin Children's museum last summer and thought to myself, this looks like fun!

It's a good 40 minute drive from my area, but an easy one.  We packed a lunch, grabbed the camera and met some friends out at the  Dino Park.

This place is well worth the drive (and the $7 admission).  It was an easy drive with plenty of parking.  The way it was laid out, it never felt crowded, even with two school buses full of kids there.  You pay at the front and are given a scavenger hunt flyer that explains what to look for hidden throughout the 1/2 mile trail.  The employees were super friendly and helpful.

The kids were able to have to free space to walk and run and discover which is really nice.  The trail was really well maintained.  Throughout the trail were replica statues of dinosaurs with placards explaining what type of dino you were looking at with more information about when they existed, what they ate, etc.

They had a really lovely shaded picnic area at the end, complete with tables, a playground, and CLEAN bathrooms! Which is you're like me and have a potty training toddler and drink too much coffee, you are always on the lookout for free clean bathrooms!

Spring has definately sprung here in central texas, man oh man is it simply gorgeous outside! Blue skies, 80 degrees and not a lick of humidity.

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Sascha und Karin said...

This looks like so much fun!