Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Don't Scare the Pigeons

Normally I think old people are adorable. Like grandmas in a cute fuzzy sweater who smiles at how cute my kids curls are adorable.  Today I encountered and old lady with ugliness inside her.

My friend Emily and I were at Zilker park today playing at the playground, riding the train, and generally minding our own business.   We were sitting over by the snackbar are eating lunch after our peaceful $5 30-minute train ride in the bright texas spring sun, just minding our own business.  They snack shack has this ungodly amount of pigeons that hang around swiping food. The park had this brilliant idea to SELL bags of bird seed to smucks like us.  Brilliant, wish I had thought of that.....

We let our kids feed and play near the pigeons and Mimi and her friend Laith start pretending to scare the pigeons.  Picture 2 year olds crouching down and saying "Boo" followed by giggles.  Personally, I find no harm in this.  If Mimi kicked the pigeons, threw rocks at them, etc I would have told her that wasn't nice and stopped her accordingly.  This crotchety old lady comes up and tells my friends' son to "Stop scaring the pigeons!"  Emily and I are about 10 ft away and I laugh and tell Emily some old lady is yelling at our kids for scaring the pigeons.  The gluttonous pigeons that just ate about 10 bags of food from various kids and kept coming back even after our terrifying two year-olds said "Boo!" at them......

As Emily gets up and walks over telling Laith to stop to appease this lady, the Ugly-On-the-Inside Crotchety lady kneeled down and shoved my friend's kid away.

Emily looked the lady straight in the face and said "This is my kid and I'm handling this, back off"  That is way more polite than I would have been if that lady had shoved my daughter like that.    What would ever possess someone to shove a 2 year-old, especially one that is not their own, especially over saying Boo to some gluttoness pigeons?

Watch out Crotchety Ugly-on-the-Inside lady, If we meet face to face at the snack shack again you're in trouble.

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Becky said...

Wow! I definitely would have had more to say to that nasty mean person. I love old people but I can't stand when they are "all knowing" grumps.