Sunday, March 18, 2012

Keeping Busy

This last week has been CrAzY busy!  It was Spring Break and SXSW here in Austin.  With Mimi's preschool and dance being cancelled, and with out of town guests crashing our apt, I got out of dodge! I escaped to Courtney's house in Houston and had a great time with her and the kids.  We got in lots of playtime, swimming, and even took the kids to see the Lorax.  Taking our girls to the movies was so much fun!  I look forward to doing that again with the Courtney and Sophia.  Mimi and Sophia get along really well and always have a ton of fun.   I even did her boot camp class with her twice at 5am which kicked my butt!

I came home to my apt full of guests feeling super cranky.  I spent the last few days feeding people and cleaning up after people. Kind of frustrating. 

Last night we went out to a fun patio restaurant for dinner with some friends and the weather was amazing.  Texas in springtime is amazing gorgeous, lush and green.  It's so opposite of how I grew up.  I really like this group of people we've gotten to know. They're the kind of people that you spend time with so effortlessly.  You just drink and chat and time flies by while your kids run circles around you.

Other than that, I'm feeling super anxious.  I feel like I need to buckle down on so many things....I want to lose these last few pounds and start toning up for summer, I want to finish writing my dissertation, I want to get more strict about our savings because we're gearing up to move in a few months to a bigger house.  Just anxious.

I'm excited to tackle these goals this next 30 days.  My own personal 30 day challenge to get my shit in order, pardon my language.   

Enjoy some photos from dinner last night....

My girl in her tulip dress, courtesy of my gymboree discount

My friends Melissa and Emily with our kis, Audrey, Laith and Mimi (see how I balance Mimi on my HUGE gut? Gross), oh the lady in the middle in a the tan dress just had a baby, why did I not look like that right after I had a baby!?

Me and Melissa with Audrey and Mimi

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