Monday, August 23, 2010

WeightLoss Update and Mimi's Baptism

So Ladies, it has been a looooonng time since I have updated. I'm not going to lie--i've been putting it off because I have bad news to tell you and I'm ashamed and dissappointed in myself.

I have GAINED weight! I know, you're saying "but Jenney I thought you were counting your calories!?" YES I am. "But Jenney I thought you were running 2.5 miles 3 days a week?!" YES I am.

I'm as frustrated as you are with me. Believe me. There is nothing more frustrating than following your plan and giving it your all and GAINING weight. So this morning I was 196!!!!! (Still below my husband however). That's right. I've gained 3.5 lbs. I say that I'm disappointed in myself, but realistically I'm more frustrated. It's hard to say I'm disappointed because I HAVE been following my plan. When I look at my little graph, I want to cry/punch the computer screen.
So what does this mean for my weightloss goal of hitting my goal weight by Christmas?

Well....I basically have a few options.  
1.  Go on a crazy cardio filled crash diet adenture week and get back on track.
2.  Re-evaluate my goal by extending the goal date
3.  Up my weightloss goal from 1.25 to 1.4 lbs per week to reach my goal on time.  

I think I will do choice 3.  I kind of have my mind set on that Christmas date and I dont' like crash dieting because it's likely I'll just suffer the next week from exhaustion and gain back more weight.  So that's my plan.  I am going to re-adjust my "expected line" from now on.

Do you guys think I made the right choice?

So where is the mysterious weight coming from? I have a guess.  I have officially stopped breastfeeding completely and no longer produce any measurable milk.  Before this I was producing 3-5 ounces per day.  I've read that milk production equates to about 20 calories/ounce.  So let's use the hight ounce rate and assume I was burning 100 calories a day just making milk.  So, this is about 700 calories per week, or 1/2 lb per week.   No quite good enough of an excuse right?  Well In know that this change in breastfeeding status has really affected my body.  All of a sudden I have acne like a teenager again, after having a clear face for the last year or so.  So the change is definitely affecting my body.  

In other news....
Running is going great!! No asthma issues, no knee problems (knock on wood).  I highly recommend the 5K101 FREE podcast running program.  I am finishing week 3 tonight and Wed. I'll start week 4.  I had been getting HORRIBLE headaches when I ran, as I've mentioned before.  Today I saw a massage therapist for an hour (for only $16 copay!!) and tomorrow I go back to the chiropractor.  I have some muscles in my neck that were so tense the chiropractor said they were cutting off circulation to the vessels in my neck while I ran, thus the headache.  I also has a rib popped our of place today, hence the stabbing pains in my back.  The massage was nice but also a little painful.  I had so many knots in my neck, shoulders and lower back.  I'm all loosy goosy now though.  I signed up for my first 5K in Oct.

Mimi was baptized this weekend in the Catholic church.  She looked beautiful.  After trying to keep her quiet and still through the mass and the baptism, I now realize why people do this when their kids are newborns!  I'm not going to lie, she was pretty rotten throughout the entire thing. She even grabbled the flame of the baptismal candle while it was lit in front of the entire congregation--thanks Mimi for making me look like #1 horrible parent of the year!!  Here are some photos, Grace took photos during the actual baptism so I'll have to get those photos from her.  Here a few before and after mass we took with our camera.  I went out of my comfort zone and wore a dress that wasn't black or navy.  This was a new thing for me... lol.  
The coral colored dress and holy frizzy hair!
Mimi with her godparents Tricia and Martin (soon to be mr. and mrs. this dec!)
My energetic child in all white and gold :-)

Well that's about it guys.  Gained weight, love running, got child baptized.  All important topics covered?!

I wish baby dust to all my friends TTCing right now!
Good luck to my other weightloss followers, I'm not giving up!

Have a great week Ladies!

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