Monday, August 9, 2010

Christmas Challenge Weightloss Update-Week 4

I'm pretty sure this is week 4--I get confused! According to my little excel spreadsheet it's week 4.  I have lost 5.2 lbs in 4 weeks, which equates to 1.3 lbs per week.  My goal was to lose 1.25 lbs per week.  I'm am beyond thrilled with my progress.  Don't get me wrong, I would have loved to have lost more, but I'm happy with just "staying on track."

This past week I completed week 1 of the 5K101 training program.  You were supposed to do the run 3 times in one week.  I actually ended up doing 4.  I got to the track yesterday to do my week 2 run for the first time and didn't have it on my IPOD, ugh.  So instead of going home and wasting all that time, I just did the week 1 for a fourth time.  Which I'm happy I did because I rocked it!  I feel really confident moving into week 2 now.  My knee is feeling fine but I've been icing it just as a preventative measure.

I'm down to only nursing on demand on weekends and in the  morning and night, and barely pumping, so I'm happy that I haven't starting gaining any weight from lack of milk production.

I am still keeping count of all my calorie with's calorie count site.  I'm finding it pretty easy to use and keep up.

I'm hoping for a good week.  I'm really sick of my job.  I am keeping my eyes peeled for other opportunities that would allow me more time at home with Mimi but with enough money to cover my part of the bills. Wish  me luck.

I want to hand out a "gold star" to Courtney for her weightloss this week! You go girl!

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Kyle and Court said...

Jenney! I heart you!! I am THRILLED with your success! We are both really moving this weight thing along! I even tell Kyle when you loose weight and now he gets excited too, hehe.