Thursday, August 12, 2010


The word regret has such a powerful feeling to it doesn't it?  Don't worry, I'm not going to write this serious/heavy blog post about regret.  I do regret something however...

I regret eating crap for lunch.  Today I didn't have time (once again) to pack my lunch due to lack of planning and excessive about 12 pm, I was starving and thinking about what to go get for lunch.  Having your husband drop you off at work is nice and all, but it leaves you car-less, unable to choose other foods than what is immidiately available.   Where I work, there is a cafeteria and here are my choices:

Einstein Bagels
Chil  Fil  A
Hovan (greek place)

Let me tell you, the two healthiast in general are Subway and Hovan--but come on, you can only eat Greek salad or a turkey sub so many times in a week before you want to gag.  Today I walked on over to the cafeteria and said "Self, what should you eat?"  My conscience said "get hummous and tabouleh and you'll be calorie safe but not really enjoy your lunch, or get a turkey sub and some cheddar sunchips and it'll fill you up but not be enjoyable."  Today my conscience lost and I go in line at Wendy's.  Now don't get me wrong, Wendy's isn't all bad, but most of it is.  I ordered their BLT Cobb salad (no croutons with Grilled chicken).  I coudn't stop myself there, I don't know what came over me.  I ordered a small frosty AND a small frie.  OH MY FRIGGIN GOD WHAT WAS I DOING.  I ate all of it. About 20 minutes later I felt kind of sick.  Could be for a few reasons--
1.  I hardly EVER eat fries
2.  I ate too much food in general
3.  I found out how many calories were in my completed lunch

Wait for it-------

Holy shit.

So now I feel sick.  I have decided I'm eating a bowl of cheerios for dinner tonite.  I'm supposed to run today too so that should help.  Geesh Louise.  1300 friggin' calories?! Are you kidding me?

So yes, REGRET.

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Anonymous said...

I think indulging once in a blue moon won't kill you :). Besides, you look great!