Sunday, August 1, 2010

Oh weekend, why do you leave me so soon?

It can't be Sunday night already??~~~!!!

This weekend was full but too short!  Friday night we had dinner at an Indian restaurant here in town that just opened.  The food was overpriced, came out cold, and the service was pretty bad---I'll give them another try in awhile.  What was most irritating was my husband's lack of help at dinner.  We went right after we picked her up from daycare.  So the poor kid is hungry and somewhat tired, not to mention 1 YEAR OLD, so she wasn't a sitting there all quiet like a porcelain doll.   Every little peep she made my husband was getting all irritated.  He kept saying "I'll just take her outside" "Mimi quiet", I'm like come on she's 1, not a mime.  She's gonna make noise.  There were plenty of other kids there that were making some noise too, so it wasn't like we were the couple with that crazy screaming kid.  Secondly, I spend the entire meal trying to feed Mimi basmati rice off a fork and never get to eat my food.  My husband kindly offered to help AFTER he had finished all of his food.  I"m about sick of that.  It makes me not want to go out to dinner with the entire family, because here I am paying to eat out and NEVER eating my food or enjoying it.    UGH so that was my vent.

Saturday started off okay, Mimi I went to Target while Daddy slept in, which I thought was really nice of me.  Then when I got home I wanted to go running before we headed to Tampa for the afternoon/evening. I told my husband to try to keep her awake so she would sleep on the 2 hour car ride.   I tried out the new running program my friend recommended to me called 5K101.  It is a program of you ipod that prompts you when to change intervals when you're training to runn 30 minutes (3 miles).  It's an 8 week program.  I"m on week 1! It was hot as hell out but I did my run.  I came home to this:
Which has actually never happened before....So not only did she sleep for only 30 minutes, but she SCREAMED all the way to Tampa.  We even stopped in the middle to get out and let her walk and get a drink.  She fell asleep 10 MINUTES before we got to our destination! GRRRRR  So you can imagine how rotten she was all day.  To top the evening off--I had what was the probably the WORST migraine in my life.  As the afternoon went on it got worse and worse.  By the time we were in the car heading home that night I was in tears.  My head hurt so bad I wanted to go to the hospital.  Every headlight was like a strobe light to my face, any sound killed me, I felt nauseas.  It was HORRIBLE.  I haven't gotten a migraine that bad ever before.  I got home and took some medicine and a bath and fell asleep until 4:30 am.

Today was a good day :-)  We played all morning, did our grocery shopping together, and Mimi took a 3HOUR NAP!  Thank you jesus, I needed that so much.  We had a great afternoon playing outside and ate a nice family dinner.

Now begins the Sunday night dread.  I dread going to my job.  It makes my stomach turn with anxiety.  I need to find a job that I don't dread going to, such an awful feeling.  UGH.

Hope you all had great weekends!

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Jess Craig said...

i hate screaming babies in the car. it makes me want to slam my car into a brick wall... or maybe like, cry.