Saturday, August 7, 2010

I was so spoilied

For about 2 years now we've had a cleaning lady come biweekly to clean the heck out of our house.  Don't get me wrong, I clean too--but this lady would do things you don't do all the time---bleach fridge, clean grout, baseboards, fan blades, blinds, the works.  We originally found her when I was studying for my qualifying exams and planning our wedding.   I was having trouble concentrating on studying and was using cleaning as a way of procrastinating because I couldn't sit still and study unless the entire house was clean.  After the exams (which I passes with flying colors) and our wedding (which went perfectly), we decided we'd wait it out a few months then see if we still needed the cleaning help.  Our house is small, but with the dog and our buys lives, it got so messy.  THEN I got pregnant and forget it, we were keeping her! I made sure there was room in our budget for Mary (our cleaning helper).  And now that i've gone back to work full time and my husband is working full time too, we need the help more than ever to keep up with the cleaning.

Two weeks ago our poor Mary got into a car accident.  She's fine, but her chest is all bruised and sore and she can't clean.  We're not mad at her by any means, but boy do we miss her!!  Today I decided to clean "Mary Style."  I got up, had breakfast, then went room by room and cleaned like the dickens.  Wiping baseboards, fan blades, shaking out rugs, vacuuming, mopping, tidying, dusting, scrubbing.  I did our office, bathroom, bedroom and nursery and man I'm spent.  Mary is worth every penny I pay her.  I've been enabled to long to only have to "tidy" up in between her visits.  I still have to go tidy up the kitchen and dining room but then I'm done-entire house spick and span.  Let's see how long it lasts!

So I guess my point today is----if you decide to get some "help" be careful getting enabled.  It's really hard to go back to doing it yourself when you've had help for so long.

Mimi is sleeping, so off to finish the kitchen then we're going to a tiki party this afternoon.  Have a great weekend!!!

Here's a glimpse of our messes.....taken from my new Iphone last night (which by the way I love and don't know how I lived without it!!!)

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stephanie5288 said...

You are so lucky! I want a cleaning helper soooooooo badly, but my husband won't let me get one :(