Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Closet Shopping

Main Entry: 1clos·et shop·ping
Function: verb
Etymology: Middle English

1:  Term used to describe the phenomenon when the clothes in your closet that haven't fit in 5-7 years suddenly fit you again.

Hello jeans that fit when I was 22 years old and an undergrad in college....
don't mind the somewhat weird photo--just pointing out my thighs dont' rub together anyomore, and if you've ever been a "chunky" gal like myself you totally get this
Less offensive angle
I love this beat up jeans like puffy love cheesecake
now for running shorts so I can keep on closet shopping.....
Me happy because it's like having a couple pairs of new jeans that I got for free :-)


stephanie5288 said...

Hooray for no more thigh rub!!!

Kammy'sMama said...

um you look FABULOUS!!! love the first pic...especially Mimi's cute little face sayin' "dang! my mom looks good!" and congrats to you for no more chub rub. thats what my sister and i call the thighs touching issue (which sad to say, i am still the unproud owner of my very own chub rub :( ha! seriously tho...great job on your weightloss!!

G said...

Yay! Congrats!

Jess Craig said...

you really look phenomenal.