Friday, August 27, 2010

From Bad to Good

So yesterday sucked.  I felt like a bad mom, bad friend, bad wife, bad everything.  I was hormonal, grumpy, tired, bitchy, bitter, you name it. All around BAD F'ing day.

This week in general has sucked.  Wednesday night I tried to go run on the treadmill and I got 1/2 way through my 2-mile jog and I felt like I was going to barf on the treadmill, right there amongst all the halfnaked sorority girls. Gross I know.  And I'm not saying "oh I felt a little queasy..." I was seriously worried I may blow chunks.  I had to quit my run and go home, head hung low depressed and disappointed.  Wow, this blog post if pretty negative--sorry it gets better I swear!

Thursday was bad. Period.  My boss decided to be a total asshole and go back on his word on something rather important.  He made me really angry so I picked on him for eating at Wendy's and that made me feel better.  Then I went home and cried, alone so he couldn't see me.  He almost made me cry in his office, but I tried to concentrate on happy thoughts and ignore him.  My happy thought is the smell of Mimi's hair. I picture myself holding her drinking in the scent of her + baby shampoo.  It soothes me.

Today is looking up.  I got up, feeling rested because I forced myself to go to sleep at 10pm, giving me 9 hours of sleep.  One interruption from the Mimicans at midnight, probably tooth pain.  Franco needs to start shagging his but up when she wakes at night like that.  Now that boobs aren't involved in the process I see no reason he can't pony up now. Anyway--I had my coffee, shaved my legs, and even blow-dried AND flatironed my hair.  I have on my favorite dress and I feel good.  I got to work and i'm all alone in the office today, which is nice.  My boss called and tried to make amends for yesterday and I just kept saying "fine whatever works for you."  I can tell he's irritated that I didn't just roll over and accept his peace offering. GOOD. Kiss my butt asshole boss.

So to the good news.  Monday morning I weighed 196, this morning I weighed 191.  So at least I lost 5 lbs this week.

I'm going to attempt to run tonight my week 4 run 1 AGAIN after Wednesday night's barf jog.

Warm fuzzy thoughts going out to all my ttc'ing friends, fellow weight-losers, and moms.  Have a great weekend!

Totally took a picture of she scale this am to show you all, but don't have time to upload photo right now sorry :-(

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Jess Craig said...

dude, i'm sorry your week sucked. mine has too. let's just start over.