Friday, July 16, 2010

Weight Loss Update-Week 1 of self-imposed challenge

Alright folks--I can a big ol' gold star for this week (sort of) lol!

So between Friday and Monday I had lost 3 lbs--down to 196!!  I was like "what the!?" because I hadn't even been working out or anything.  I honestly attribute this to Mimi's more frequent nursing on weekends.  Even though we are nearing the end of this "speical relationship", she still is pretty into the boob.  On the weekends I think she takes full advantage of her "access" and therefore tends to nurse more, spurring on some production and therefore calorie burn.  I have been watching what I have been eating too, but not so much that I should have lost 3 lbs.  So then.....

I had dinner twice this week with my friend Kim (who eats her body weight and stays thin) and her friend from Canada.  We went to ALL YOU CAN EAT SUSHI, you can imagine, I took full advantage and stuffed my face with Sushi for $17.99.  I even had dessert and beer.  So the next day....I was 2.5 lbs up! lol, that weight lingered on and finally this morning I was 197.  So overall, I still lost two pounds this week.  Therefore, gold start earned!

199---->197 :-) two lbs down 27 more to go!

Other than that things have been pretty stressful.  My house is a mess, laundry piled up everywhere, dishes all over the kitchen, etc.  I hope this weekend I can catch up.  I plan on heading to the craft store and finding some cute decorations and party favors for Mimi's ladybug-themed birthday party next weekend :-)

We are really excited to celebrate her.  What a world-wind year or excitement and stress!

This day of bull*hit is dragging on.  I feel really agitated and tired.  I just want to go home and put on my Nike gym shorts.  I have to point out that today I wore a dress-yes, a dress to work.  AND I dried my hair---See Courtney--I'm trying to be more put together!  If I were on the ball like Stephanie, I would have done a "outfit of the day video" :-)

Hope you all have a great weekend! A photo of Mimi for good measure!

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