Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July! (and 3rd & 5th too!)

What a world-wind weekend y'all!  We had visiters come from out of town to stay for the weekend and a few parties to go to, so we had a pretty good time.

Friday night poor Mimicans had a fever of 101.4 that woudn't respond to Tylenol---why does my kid pick the WORST times to get sick!? Not that I'm mad at her, but why has the "good health fairy" hexed us at the worst times?  So the Dr.'s office was closed so I left a message with the after hours pediatrician on Saturday because she still had a fever, but they didn't call me back until MONDAY.  Luckily I kept a close eye on Mimi and her fever was down by Sunday but boy was she a child to be reckoned with this weekend.  She was some kind of rotten.  Our friends that were visiting are Mimi's soon to be god parents and I swear everytime they've seen her she's been sick or overtired and acting like "birth control baby," you know, the kid who makes all non-parents pretty sure they don't want to venture into parent land?  Anyway...

Here is us letting Mimi do what she wants so she won't scream....

Saturday we went our for Sushi which was really fun.  Kim watched Mimi for me so I got to enjoy my fancy sushi and expensive martinis.  Sunday we went to the park and played bocci, grilled out some ribs, and went to our friend's lakehouse to watch fireworks over the water.  I was impressed at how Mimi handled being out that late and night and the noise.  She just sat and watched the pretty lights and then would lay her head back down and pop back up to look at them later--so cute.

This morning the Dr. 's office called and told me I should bring Mimi in because she had had that fever for two days and we noticed she had been sticking her fingers in her ears---but turns out nothing was wrong with her ears, but she had an ulcer on one of her tonsils from a viral infection, which likely caused the fever.  She's fine now and back to her old self again.

We said goodbye to our friends and went over to Kim's for her "5th of July" party.  Her friend from New Foundland brought an entire bathtub of 5 lb lobsters--I kid you not.
Doesn't this make you smell melted butter and lick your lips? Unless you're allergic to shelfish of course...

Other than lobster, there was a pretty awesome spread--including snow crab, other grilled meats, salads, key lime pie, drinks, etc.  Grace--if you're reading this, you missed out girlfriend! Where were you?

In other news---Mimi's room is COMPLETE :-)  After almost a year, I finally broke down and bought the shelf for Mimi's room and set it up.  I feel at rest.  Her nursery feels clean, organized, and complete.

Hope you all had a great 4th!

I can't wait to hear how y'all's fourth went!


Jess Craig said...

shellfish must of been on everyone's mind this weekend. and poor poor mimi. i'm glad she's better. your poor friend's might change their minds about being god-parents... just kidding.

G said...

Stomach Virus=( YUCK! It was horrible. Sounds like you guys had a blast at Kim's. I was really looking forward to it, too. Glad Mimi is feeling better.