Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tubing down the river...

So we took Mimi tubing down the river today at a (somewhat) local state park. 

Child under 1 + Inner tubes in deep water = Disaster Right?

Wrong :-) Mimi was fabulous. I must say I expected screaming, climbing, frustration, etc. We got up early and hit the road and were at the park in our inner tubes by 9am. My husband chose a raft and I chose an inner tube. Mimi got transferred back and forth between us with her Spiderman PFD on. I felt pretty good knowing she had a regulation PFD that fit her properly. She fussed a little at the beginning because she didn't want to wear the PFD, but was fine once she realized we weren't going to take it off. She took a mid-float nap on Mom's lap and woke up 40 minutes later refreshed and happy. We managed to float 1.5 hours with no real problems.  My husband says that it's important for us to give Mimi's these experiences while she's young.  He recently read a book about how we are shaped as individuals, he told me the author states that our personalities and temperaments are shaped by age 2.  Don't really know if he's right, but I think it's good to expose kids to new experiences.  Both my husband and I really enjoy the outdoors and we hope Mimi is the same.  One of my fears is that she'll be a mindless zombie kid glued to a TV.  

I hope we get a chance to do more camping this fall and some kayaking.  I don't know if we would put Mimi in a kayak, but definitely a canoe.

In other news--I just washed a sink full of baby bottles and I'm done.  This week will be Mimi's last week with bottles.  I am literally throwing them away.  She doen't need them.  She doesn't have an interest in them really, she drinks fine from her sippy.  I will save the glass ones but all the plastic ones are pretty scratched and have this weird yellow tinge (mostly the medela pump and store ones).  I'm not saving any of the nipples either unless they're unopened in the packages.  This chapter in Mimi's life is closing.  I think I'll be more emotional about it than her.  We wont' be seeing bottle until baby # 2 someday.  The pump part however will remain for a little while, but that's a whole other post!

I am gearing up to have a great week.  I plan on running in the morning atleast 3 days this week.  Mimi's birthday is Thursday and her party is Saturday!  SO EXCITED to celebrate our little lady!


Jess Craig said...

first of all, i love the new look of your blog. it's cool.

and also, i can't believe that mimi actually fell asleep on the raft! that is so weird! i don't think my son would ever do that. your daughter is so easy going!

Meghann said...

I can't believe I'm just now discovering that you have a blog! It's gorgeous, I love it! Your pictures are awesome.

Anne said...

Love love LOVE the new look! Beautiful pictures!

stephanie5288 said...

I have never been tubing, but it sounds like a lot of fun! What book did your husband read? I am always looking for new information to soak up! Amen to saying goodbye to the bottle!