Sunday, July 11, 2010

Self Imposed Challenge

This photo has nothing to do with this blog--I just think my kid is cute.

Courtney (ol' buddy ol' pal) has inspired me to step it up and challenge myself to another goal.  That's why I love you guys--my little online community.  You challenge and support me!

So my goal is simple.  Simple in concept I should say.  I want to lose 30 lbs by Christmas.  How did I make this goal you ask?  It's simple, my doctor recommended weight (and weight for a healthy BMI) is 132-175 lbs.  That's quite the range i'd say!   When I met my husband I was 172 lbs.  I wore a size 12 and could easily wear a 2 piece swimsuit.  I felt happy and healthy.  I'm not saying I wouldn't want to reach a little higher and set a goal for a lower weight--but I think it's important to set achievable goals.  So I want to lose 30 lbs over the next 24 weeks--1.25 lbs a week.

I highly recommend you check out the above linked sites and see what your recommended BMI and "ideal weight" is.

I hope to put up a little graph widget to track my progress.  I want to do some healthy recipe blogs, workout recaps and photos showing my progress.  Twenty-four weeks will be hard to keep up.  Keep me motivated guys!  Of course I will continue to blog about my adorable Mimicans and lazy (yet lovable) husband as well.

Sorry if you read this blog seeking something more intellectual---I do intellectual stuff all day, this is my little hobby/outlet where I can talk about what's on my mind.  I'm not here to prove i'm smart or interesting.

If you're out there reading this, tell me your tips and tricks for losing the chub. I don't mean the obvious here people---I mean the little things you do to keep yourself inspired. Are you an areboic-a-holic? A calorie counter?  A inpirational photo on the fridge gal? etc?

If I don't subscribe to you and you think I should drop me a note!

So i've posted a picture of me from yesterday and a photo of Mim because I love my cutey pie.

So right now I'm 199 lbs, and a size 14.


Jess Craig said...

okay, well, go you!

i have a picture of josh and i in our fat suits (i like to call it that) on the fridge. i also have a little dry erase board where i write how many points i've eaten, or what i actually ate. for me to see what i've eaten written down makes me feel guilty... and it's right there on the fridge too.

laurapile said...

I keep all my skinny clothes and look at them and they motivate me to get small enough to fit them cause then my wardrobe will be that much bigger!! :) I am also tracking points with Weight Watchers and it's working!! I love going to the meetings too, I go on Saturday morning and it's a nice outing without the baby!

stephanie5288 said...

Yay for challenges! I need to do a similar post :) I don't think I have any tricks to share :( I am excited to see your results!