Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our Little Lady Turned One!

A ladybug-themed birthday for our little bug!

Just sharing some of the details for anyone who was interested in our ladybug-theme party.

Here is the invite, with my address blurred out of course...

Cupcake toppers and banner were from Etsy

Cake and cupcakes were from Publix Bakery

Ladybug Bow Favors were from Etsy

We had Mimi's first birthday party here at our small home.  It was hot and crowded but I think it went well.  We squeezed 17 adults and 3 kids into our 975 sq ft home for a 3 hour dinner party.  My husband and I worked Thursday night to make 1.5 gallons of spaghetti sauce and over 80 meatballs.  We spent Saturday morning hanging streamers, picking up cake and balloons, tidying up our house, and making lemonade and  appetizers.  We had stuffed peppers, olives, spinach dip and baby carrots with dip as appetizers.  We served pink and yellow lemonade.  The main dish was rigatoni and meatballs with salad and garlic bread (which I forgot to bake!).  We had cupcakes and cake.  It was hot and crowded, but everyone seemed to have a good time.  Mimi enjoyed her cake and cupcake.  I spent the evening cleaning up frosting from the floor and deconstructing the kitchen.

I don't think we'll do the same level of party next year, but it was fun to set it up and enjoy the day with our friends.  Bring on year two!

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G said...

Watching Mimi get into her cake (literally) was priceless! Thanks for a great time!