Thursday, July 8, 2010

Top ten things annoying me right now....

So I am so friggin' hormonal right now I want to bite off everyone's heads and then go cry about it.

As this blog is my outlet, here goes-10 (or more if I get going) things that are irritating me now....

1. Hypocritical people. The other day I made a crack about someone else and the person I was talking to made me feel bad about it--even though they make cracks about the same shit all the time---ugh

2. Selfish work colleagues. I have a girl I work with who keeps stealing projects from me. It's annoying. I want to spit at her, she is so shady she doesn't even realize i'm mad at her--to her she does nothing wrong

3. Friends who don't get back to you and make you feel all paranoid like they're mad at you and you can't figure out what you did.

4. The weird damp summer smell in my car. For realz-I clean my car all the time--where is it coming from?

5. Skinny woman who pop out babies and wear bikinis 8 months later. Die.

6. My husband deciding that he doesn't like chicken breasts so therefore we can never have it for dinner. Hello? I don't like sardines and anchovies but I don't ban them from our table!

7. People who tell me how to parent. Go have your own kids.

8. My brother-in-law for having a fake wedding on Halloween weekend in CA when he's already been married over a year---costing our family 1000 to travel there for 3 days. And his general lack of consideration for other people.

9. My mother in law for treating me like I am dispoable accessory of my husband. Wait to see how much I involve you with your grandkids--better be nice to me, i'm the one who's popping out those kids

10. My acne starting to come back--why!? I am 28, when will end.

I've drank too much coffee and stayed up too late.

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Olya said...

oh man. this is what I have to say: men, in-laws and coworkers suck!!! men think they live in 1950s or something! I always tell my boyfriend, if he wants that kind of life he better be able to support the fam, since I will be staying home with the kids!!!! that makes him mad!
The mother in law will always think her son is some kind of diamond or something. It pisses me off too!
and coworkers like that girl are aware of what they are doing, they are just back stabbing people, who cheat their way through life!
It sucks that u have to deal with it! Sometimes you have to say: Enough is enough!!!! even to your mother in law.