Monday, July 12, 2010

10 Things I love in my Little ol' House

This house will always be special to me.  It's small, often cluttered, but full of love and memories.  It was our first house as a couple.  We got married while living here, and planned most of the wedding at our kitchen table.  Mimi was born while we lived here, and is blissfully sleeping in her little ol' room with the keylime colored walls.

Today I'll share with you 10 little things I love in my little ol' house.

Click on it to make bigger if you want....
From top right....

My Brother P-Touch label maker--for those of us with labelling OCD
My husband's Ibanez guitar, there's something so sexy about watching him play it
My fridge littered with photos of our family
Our Krups espresso machine (my best friend in the wee morning hours)
Our kitchen Pasta print
Our glass cabinet that has thus far escaped Mimi's destructiveness--and thank god since it's not safety glass!
Our ceramic rooster cookie jar
My scale--most women probably hate there's I love mine (by the ways down two pounds already!)
Our bathmat from LLbean
The needle point Kim gave me for Mother's Day

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Kammy'sMama said...

congrats on losing those 2 lbs!! awesome :)