Monday, July 19, 2010

Keeping Score-

Back when I had money and had a personal trainer, my trainer always told me "Abs are in the kitchen."  I'm not downplaying the power or working out--I think cardio and weight trainer should be a regular part of everyone's week, but I think most of you would be surprised how much weight you could trim off with just adjusting your diet and watching your calorie intake.

The trainer also told me that on average, when counting calories, most people underestimate their intake by 24%!  You would also be surprised at how many calories you eat when you keep track of EVERYTHING you put in your mouth for a day.  I use a handy-dandy program called "Calorie King Nutrion and Exercise Monitor."  It's a computer program that helps you easily, and when I say easily I mean it, track your calories, water intake and exercise.  There are tons of programs an aps like that out there--you should be able to find one you like, if not there's always the 'ol pen and paper.

So I challenge you to keep diligent track of your calorie intake for an entire day.  Here's mine from today:

Did you notice I ate a snickers bar today--yup, I did, it was one of those days, and I am definitely an  emotional eater.  Overall not that bad of a day, 1511 calories, normally to maintain weight without regular exercise I need to keep below 1800.  

Try doing this for one day, send me a note and let me know how you did! You'll be surprised at how much you eat (and drink)! 

I'm hoping to loose 1.5 lbs or more this week.  We;ll see--I intend to eat cake for Mimi's party!

Have a great week guys!


stephanie5288 said...

I love tracking my calories! :) I do it all the time!

Kyle and Court said...

I do this -almost- daily! It really helps. I actually end up overestimating my calories a lot b/c I don't want to be one of those under-estimators, haha!