Thursday, July 2, 2009

37 Weeks--5AM

Well I finally have my husband back with me after 6 days of him traveling out of town. It was really stressful having him gone, I thought oh god what if I go into labor and he misses it!? But, fortunately, he's back snoring away in bed at 5am and I am WIDE AWAKE! I fell asleep last night at midnight having all these weird muscle spasms in my stomach. Not really painful, or long-lasting, just these queasy uncomfortable spasms. Also, yesterday I noticed very little movement compared to other days. I didn't call the midwife because I have an apt. later today anyway. Plus I always feel really bad for calling, I know I shouldn't, I mean that's why I pay them.

This last month of pregnancy is just torture. Your kid is all baked and ready to go, but just sits there making you nervous, making you notice every single bodily function that may indicate labor. Finally I just got out of bed because I felt queasy and sick. My dog and I are sitting here eating wheat thins and cheese, well he thinks he's getting some wheat thins, but he can keep on staring at me! Hopefully this "early breakfast/late late night snack" will kick up my blood sugar and make the baby kick so I can feel better about it and go back to bed.

Well that post blew away 9 minutes. Maybe I'll post later today after my apt. Perhaps even post a picture of my gigantic self.

So I went to my apt, the traffic was so bad I was five minutes late, so I was huffin' it from the parking garage. Needless to say my blood pressure was a little elevated, you think they would wait to take your blood pressure a few minutes after you get there. They were so busy today. I guess they were under staffed because of the holiday weekend. It was like an assembly line of pregnant ladies rolling through. I get rotated around the midwives, this week I had the hippy lady--funny she actually had on a tie die shirt today! lol. I told hippy lady I hadn't felt as much movement and about my weird muscle like spasms, so she sat me in a room for 25 minutes and strapped me to a monitor. I had 4 contractions and the baby kicked 5 times, so I guess I "passed." She said my fundus is measuring 37 cm, so that was right on. She said I sounded wheezy and to make sure to monitor my asthma medication carefully. She said she wasn't going to check me because her policy is to not check patients until they are 39 or 40 weeks because it just disturbs and irritates the tissue anyway. I was like WTF, what the F am I paying these people 4?! You wait all week feeling all physiologically weird, of course a pregnant lady wants to be checked to see if all those weird muscle spasms were contractions dilating her cervix! She said if I felt it was absolutely necessary she would do it, but she didn't think it was. She said it in one of those tones of voice where I would look like a bitch if I insisted, so I gave up and scheduled an apt. for next week and went on my way. I've been really hormonal and weepy about everything, so of course I sat in my car in the parking garage crying to my husband, who actually sounded like he cared for once, normally I can tell he's not really listening. So the goal is to do lots of walking and kick start this shin dig and hope this baby makes his/her way out soon.

One other rant--my husband's younger brother (age 14) told him on the phone yesterday that they showed our ultrasound video to a nurse where his dad (my father in law) works and that they know the sex of our baby. I was like WTF. If we wanted to know, we would have asked the technician ourselves, further more how fucking irritating for them to do that and brag to us that they know? Next time we have a baby I'm not sharing any information with anyone, people are so annoying. If they spoil the sex (of the baby) for us I will be so pisses, that would be unforgivable~ I'm going to take a nap and hope my hormones calm down!

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