Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Last day of being pregnant

Here's a picture of Dahlia last night eating icecream, rather gelato. I asked Grace to go for a walk, but we ended up just eating sugar instead!

So tomorrow is my scheduled c-section. I had the weekend to go through all these emotions of anger, disappointment, acceptance, you know the drill. I am however seeing a chiropractor (yesterday, today, and tomorrow) as a last ditch effort to get baby to turn around, so far the head is still camped out behind my belly button. The chiropractor uses something called the Webster technique. I must be honest, I'm not too optimistic after what the OB told us Friday night at our ECV technique. It appears as though baby has been wedged down there for awhile and the midwives just missed it. Not there fault though, the last ultrasound I had was at 21 weeks and baby was head down then.

So I'm awake at 6am, with my husband snoring next to me and decided to just get up. I had some Ego's and watched you tube and made a list of things I want to get done today, my last day of being pregnant. It's kind of sad for some reason. I told my friend Grace yesterday that the only thing I think i'll miss besides the baby kicking is the fact that it's acceptable to have this many chins and be this large when you're 40 weeks pregnant! After the baby comes I'm just gonna be another overweight mom for awhile! Besides re-packing my hospital bag and last minute cleaning I think I want Franco to take me to Sushi for dinner tonite. It's not likely I'll get out of the house to go to a restaurant for awhile and Sushi isn't so great as takeout.

I'd say my main fear of the c section is how long my recover will take, already unhappy with my body, i'll have a longer healing time than with a vaginal birth to let things heal before I can start running or go to the gym to start weight training again.

Well, I guess that's all. This is the end of being pregnant.

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