Saturday, July 18, 2009

ECV did not work :-(

It appears the baby's butt is wedged in my pelvis as if he/she was sitting in a bucket.

So we went into the hospital tonight and had the ECV done by a very handsome enthusiastic doctor, which was not exactly a comfortable experience. He said normally he has a 50% success rate, but he likes to do the procedure at 36 weeks. Our baby was estimated to be 8 lbs, and as he thought, he wasn't able to turn the baby. He said with breech moms they like to do planned c sections by 39 weeks, and me being over 39 weeks he said they'll likely schedule a c section for early next week. I have to call Monday to talk to the midwives about scheduling it.

I know that the c section will be safer for the baby, but I can't help but be disappointed and scared. I had really prepared myself to have a vaginal birth, and I was really looking forward to the experience. I'm really worried at how hard the recovery will be from the c section. My husband, got bless his heart is a good guy, but not the most helpful around the house. I'm really afraid that it will be frustrating to watch my house become a messy wreck around me, and i'll be tired and upset and unable to do the things I want. I guess the best thing to do is have a positive attitude and realize having a healthy baby is all that matters. I'm also worried about my body being able to recover from the surgery.

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Kyle and Court: said...

I too I am very uncomfortable with the idea of having a c-section, so I sympathize with your situation. You are right though... healthy baby is what matters, even if getting him/her here is annoying! It will all work, everything always does, but I know at this point that doesn't help make you feel better. So... instead, I say CRAP to having a c-section b/c I know that is how you are feeling and hearing "It will be fine!" from a everyone doesn't actually help. I would just focus on the fact that you get to see that cute little baby butt that is causing all the trouble very soon. Yay, babies!