Friday, July 17, 2009

Surprise! Your baby is breech

I had F come with me to my apt. today because I was getting "one last" untrasound to check the size of the baby. To our unhappy surprise, the baby has turned and is now in the flank breech position securely having its butt lodged in my pelvis. I was a little upset, but we just said thanks to the technician and went downstairs for our midwife apt. I got my 2nd fav midwife today, who was very understanding that 1. we were upset and 2. That yes we were willing to try whatever we could do to get the baby to turn.

Tonite, if the labor and deliver floor is not too busy, we are going to go in and have ECV done, where they try to manually rotate the baby by applying pressure from the outside. If that works, we go home and wait to go into labor, if it doesn't work we are going to try to get an apt. with a chiropractor that specializes in "turning babies." So no I have to wait, without eating or drinking, until 6:30 tonight to call the hospital and see if they have space available. If so, we are going in at 7:30 for the procedure. If they are too busy, they will do the procedure tomorrow. They did tell us that there is a risk that the procedure could 1. cause my membranes to rupture, putting me into labor 2. cause the placenta to tear and necessitate a c section or 3. put the baby in distress to necessitate a c section. Either way, if the baby does not turn, we have to get a c section next week. So, we're gonna give it a try. I am so hungry I feel like barfing right now, i'm nervous also. So...we may have the baby tonite, tomorrow or next week. We shall see. Wish me luck.