Monday, July 6, 2009

Approaching 38 weeks

Kind of funny how I have all this "time" on my hands to post between weeks and multiple times per week. It is because I feel so miserable I've stopped working and my days consist of eating, walking, cleaning, and napping. It seems like that's all I have energy for. When I say cleaning, I mean I may fold a load of laundry--pretty sad. Thank god the cleaning lady comes biweekly or i'd have weird stuff growing in our shower or something.

I am physically miserable. Somehow in our Ikea trip, even though I was on my feet all day and only really ate swedish meatballs...I GAINED 4 LBS! My feet haven't returned to their normal size since the day we went. I guess it's water weight, but geesh. I feel a lot of pressure, I am definately insisting the midwife check me this week at my apt. Our carseat is getting installed Wednesday morning by the certified carseat people. I installed the carseat in my car by myself, but I signed F up to get his installed so the guy will show him and force him to do it, I know he's too lazy to read the instructions and go out and do it.

This week is bring your dog to work day, so Buddy is going to F's office thursday afternoon for some fun and games and dog treats. I'll have to brush him all pretty and put his nice red bandana on him. That will be the highlight of my day i'm sure. Sadly....

Well I'm trying to get things going labor wise--I drank raspberry leaf tea, I walked, I did some other things--nothing. I guess baby will come when baby wants. I'm become one of those frustrated ladies that would do anything to go into labor to be done with pregnancy. I just want to sleep on my stomach, go running, drink beer, oh and see the baby of course!

I posted a pic, but I wish there was a tool on Iphoto to crop out my three chins and fat rolls on my arms--gross, can't wait to hit the gym.

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