Friday, July 10, 2009

38 Weeks

Well yesterday was my 38 week! I had my midwife apt and was a lot happier leaving their office this week than I was last week. I got to see one of my favorite midwives. She lectured me a little on my lung wheezing and how I don't use my inhalers properly, but then she offered to check me to see if I had made any progress from 36 weeks (where I was 1cm dilated and "soft"). She said I was 2cm dilated and had one of the most favorable cervixes she had seen all day (her words exactly). I don't really know what this means, lol, but it sounded good and she said it with excitement. She said to make an apt. for next week and she wanted me to have an ultrasound beforehand to make sure the baby was not too large. She said she didn't think the baby would be too big, my fundus measures right on each week and I haven't put on godly amounts of weight (29 lbs so far), but she said its standard for patients who were HERE COMES THE TAG...Overweight when they became pregnant. Why do they "tag" people, just lie to me and tell me you make all women get an ultrasound at 39 weeks, lol. my blood pressure was good, i've gained 20 lbs, and I am ready to have this baby. It appears I have a tear in my upper abdominal muscles, which she says occurs often, but it is really painfal to cough or laugh or hit my belly on a table or anything. She said "try not to have another baby for a few years" and I said "no problem!"

We had the carseat installed in F's subaru, when it is "correctly" installed as done by the nice technician, my knees hit the dashboard if I ride in the front, lol. So I guess we'll be taking road trips with me in the back seat! She said when we switch to a convertable front facing seat after 1 year there will be plenty more space.

Hope everything is well with anyone else. I am going to continue my mission to have this baby. My friend Nicole is doing accupuncture on me tomorrow, and I've been walking 2-3 miles a day with Grace. So wish me luck, better yet, wish that I have my baby soon! lol

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