Monday, October 25, 2010

Time to Re-Focus Peeps

Alright bloggerettes---Monday's weight update.

So, this morning I was 186.2.  Not bad considering the plethora of Pumpkin bread I consumed over my stove yesterday, crumbs flying everywhere.  It was so delicious but oh so calorie laden!  Let's not forget the Halloween candy I stole from Mimi yesterday (2 funs size snickers and a lolipop).  Come on--my one year-old doesn't eat it anyway!

The above mentioned food frenzies lead me right into today's point--Re-Focus.

About 2 weeks ago I stopped counting calories and just tried to concentrate on training for the 5K to be able to finish the entire race (which I did).  Let's face it--it takes a lot of energy not only to workout, but to fit it in your life.  I was expending so much energy trying to fit in my runs and give them my all, I tried not to worry about calories. I tried to just fuel my body with healthy food and not concentrate on weight loss right then.  Okay ladies, 5K over (SUCCESS!), now I'm focusing on my Christmas Self-Imposed Weightloss Goal.  Right now I am 16.2 lbs over my goal of 170 lbs.  To attain this goal, I need to lose 2 lbs a week! That to me is not realistic. Yes I know it's do-able, but not realistic.  Losing 1lb a week is a more realistic goal I think.  So I'm going to keep focused on 170 and keep striving for it, but I'm not going to break down into tears if I don't make it to that exact number by Christmas day.

Last week I resolved to take better care of my body by getting adequate rest and staying hydrated.  Did I follow through? You betcha!  I have been drinking ~2-3 Liters of water daily, and getting 7 hours or more of sleep each night.  This morning I only snoozed 3 times (normally I can snooze for 1/2 hour or more~!).

This week's goals include:
Running twice before Friday (when we leave for the wedding in CA)
Keeping hydrated and rested (again)
Re-focusing on my calorie consumption by tracking my food intake!!!!!!

Here is what today looks like for me, including what I ate for breakfast, what I packed for lunch, and what I plan to eat for my snack.  Between yesterday and today, I've consumed an entire bag of spinach! Yes!

I use free website called Calorie Count, it's pretty easy to use, free, and has a mobile app that sinks with your online entries.

I challenge anyone that is trying to lose weight to track their calories on paper, a site, their phone, anything--this will help you where the bulk of your calories are coming from.   If you are trying to lose weight, and you follow my blog, leave me a comment and tell me about your blog or youtube page and let me know you're trying to lose weight too and that you accept my challenge to track your calories! Just try it for 3 days,  you'll get a really good idea of how to clean up your diet.


Jess Craig said...

man, you're doing amazing. you should seriously be so proud of yourself. it's hardcore and people don't even know! i think it's great that you're just doing it. that rocks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenney,

Love your blog & your youtube videos, I just did week 1 of the 5K101 & man is it hard! I'm going to repeat each week... On the podcast he mentions you can get an app for your own music I can't seem to find it though so I thought you might be able to help? Thanks so much. Cara x