Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Blissful Saturday

Today was full of french toast, errands, boating, and tissues.  I got stuff done.  Spent the day out on the water, ate delish bbq, kissed Mimi 5,000 times, and now I'm lounging in bed with a cold.  This cold can't even take away from my day.  Here are some photos of my day for you all....
I love my daddy

I love the curls, please stay curly please stay curly...

Could that FL fall sky be any bluer?!

Spring fed systems ate perpetually 72 degrees F--BRRRRR

ah boating down the river.... 
Mimi fall photo shoot in our front yard this morning.
French Toast mmmmmm

I hope these loopy curls stay.

1 comment:

Jess Craig said...

i bet her curls will stay. and i love that picture of her lounging on the boat. she looks so badass.