Saturday, October 16, 2010

Busy Fun Weekend

Homecoming Parade!
Isn't it great to live in a town where homecoming is a reason to close down business for a day?

Living in my college town for 7 years, I had never made it to the homecoming parade.  I'm really glad that I braved the traffic and made my way downtown for this year's parade.  Don't laugh, I'm afraid of being faced with the situation of a crowded place with no parking.  This fear keeps me from attending a lot of fun things....As a last minute decision, my friend and decided to throw the strollers in the trunk and find a spot.  We found a parking spot 8 blocks away and strolled our way downtown.  We found the perfect shaded spot, with not too many "shady people" around.  The kids did great, considering the length of parade I was impressed (~ two hours). After the parade we rewarded the kids (and ourselves) with pizza.  

Friday night I FINISHED the 5K101 training program.  I am so friggin' proud of myself--more on this in another post! 

Pumpkin Patch 2010

Check out this photo, Dahlia and Mimi last year, and Dahlia and Mimi this year. Wow.  My kid has grown so much, it makes me sad/happy.  Let me tell you, taking these two to the pumpkin patch this year was no walk in the park! It was like a workout trying to get photos of these two doll's sitting by a pumpkin.  My friend and I joked that we look back at these photos only we'll know what a sweaty mess we were trying to get them!
In the end I managed to get a few nice ones.  My kid cannot not be convinced to smile.  I miss the days where a set of jingling keys or a funny noise made them crack the world's cutest smile. ah well.  I saw a bunch of people there with tiny babies and my heart ached a little thinking about how much Mimi has grown, last year that was me propping my kid up against a pumpkin and jingling some keys and getting the world's cutest smile.  Now I'm chasing Mimi down as she runs completely disinterested in the colorful kodak moment pumpkins, just wanting to check out the bounce houses.  Atleast she wore the green fall dress I scored on ebay for 99 cents! I think I'll make her wear it again for Thanksgiving.  

Having Friday off was a DREAM.  Here it is Saturday night and I'm thinking, "oh man my weekend is over" but in reality I have all day tomorrow too!  

I have about 5 loads of laundry staring me down.  You all have a great weekend!


Anne Prado said...

Oh my that is a cute dress. What a great deal! And your kid is ADORABLE. Happy end of weekend!

Grace said...

That side by side is impressive. They've grown so much! It makes me want to cry and laugh at the same time. Great weekend all around!