Saturday, January 3, 2009

Soon to be a dink no more...

We're just about to pass our 12-week hush hush period....

In July we'll be a Double Income No Kids (DINK) no more. F and I are expecting our first baby in the end of July. Kind of crazy to think that next week we'll even be a third of the way there. Hopefully this miserable third can be left behind! I've spent the last three months feeling like I was circling the drain and lieing to my friends and coworkers about why I look and feel like shit, or why I won't have a beer, or why I fall asleep at my desk at 4 in the afternoon.

Part of me is afraid to tell people because of what they might think or say. Like "wow, didn't you just get married???" But to tell you the truth we're really happy and excited, we both are really looking forward to the whole experience. Luckily, I was able to confide in a few close friends, one of which just had a baby 6 months ago, so she can empathize with all the discomforts of being pregnant. My other good friend let's me take 10 minutes naps in her office, which has more comfortable chairs! Anther part of me is frustrated when people make cracks about how much it sucks to have kids, or they are so annoyed by babies, or something and I've had to pretend to laugh and agree, knowing these people won't want to be around me and F in 7 months. The last fear I have is that if something goes wrong and I lose the baby, I'll have to have the painful duty of informing anyone I told. But I've realized that that isn't a very positive way to approach my situation. Out families seem really excited for us, so that feels really good.

Things have been okay so far I guess. I've had such terrible morning sickness since about week 7, that I've actually lost almost 3 pounds. Which frustrates me because when I was trying to lose weight, I would have to watch everything I put in mouth and work my ass off at the gym just to lose a pound a week, now I drink gingerale and eat sandwiches all day (only thing that tastes good) and keep losing pounds. Besides the nausea I've just felt really sleepy and fatigued and generally crappy. I sleep like crap and wake up all night to pee. I used to think only big ol pregnant women about to give birth peed all the time, but apparently your blood volume increases by about 25% when you're expecting, so your kidneys and urinary system are on overtime.

Now I guess i'll have more to talk about than pictures and recipes.

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