Monday, January 12, 2009

Go Gators! National Champs Again!

The Florida Gators beat the Oklahoma Sooners on Thursday night in the SEC Championship game. Since I have been at UF, I have seen us win 2 footbal championships and two basketball championships (I think). I'm not really into the college sports thing, but when your team is playing in the championship and the entire town is crazy, it's hard not to pay attention.

F's friend Matt came down for a visit to talk to the admission people at UF so he stayed for 5 days and got to take in some Florida rays and Florida football crazieness! We watched most of the game at a pizza joint downtown because we don't have cable. We turned our cable off when we realized how much we were paying to be vegetables, but that's another story.
We had some good pizza and watched the first 2 quarter, then we met some friends at a bar closer to campus. After the game ended, we went down by campus to see all the nuts. Something like 20,000 college kids fill the streets shouting "it's great to be a florida gator!". We enjoyed watching the crowds for awhile, but then it got a little rowdy and we kept getting pushed and separated. We stayed about an hour then headed home for the night. I'll post a video of the people by campus and some of us celebrating our victory!

Matt left this morning, even though I enjoyed his visit, It was nice to have things back to "normal" this week. Although Matt did play monopoly with me, which no one ever will, so I was pretty happy. Of course I won. I never lose, except to F's baby sister once, but that was a fluke!

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