Wednesday, January 21, 2009

14 Weeks Tomorrow

Thursdays are pretty crazy for me so I thought I'd leave a little note today. Tomorrow is our 14 week mark. I was trying to think of other times where we see our lives in weeks. It's kind of a strange way to count down. My husband is confused by the whole "weeks" thing, I think most men are.

Things are pretty good now, not much to report. I have been getting lots of work done trying to set the pace for the next few months, per my boss's request. I have been sleeping a little better and feeling really energized throughout the day. I felt a little sick yesterday morning, but it soon faded. I have been having some lower back pain, but just on the right. I'm going to try the stretches the trainer showed me or call my massage therapist. We're having dinner tonite with my friend and her partner, her partner is going to Africa for 6 months to do her dissertation research. I can't imagine being away from F for 6 months. What if he realized he didn't miss me? Or what if we grew apart, or he realized he didn't need me? Or what if I'm just so miserable without my best bud? I'm happy it's them going through it and not me! The last time she went to AFrica it was for 6 weeks and my friend was crazy everday without her. We'll see how she survies the next 6 months.

I feel blessed that I have F here with me in Gville in our little house which was 60 degrees this morning! lol

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