Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I guess showing a photo of me sleeping is not a good way of saying I have horribel insomnia lately.  My husband so nicely snapped this of me when he "let me sleep in" Monday morning.  When I say sleep in I mean he let me lay in bed by myself without be trampled by Mimi asking to watch Elmo on my Iphone.

The truth is I have been suffering from insomnia pretty bad since my husband left. Insomnia is difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep, or having nonrefreshing sleep for at least 1 month.  Even though I should be tired, I cannot fall asleep until 2 or 3am.  I lay in bed from 11pm on just tossing and turning. Finallyy I must pass out then in the morning I struggle to get my ass out of bed when I hear Mimi screaming "Momma! I'm all done!"  Meaning, I'm all done sleeping come get me out of my crib you lazy mom!!!

Then I spend most of the early part of the day feeling like road kill and drinking coffee.  Finally at 3pm I'm awake and the day is gone.  So much for dissertation work.......

I need to knix coffee after lunch, create a soothing nighttime routine (like i'm a baby lol!) and try to get at least 7 hrs of Z's or I think I might have a meltdown.

I think it's just stress and anxiety over renting the house and the move.  To top it off the apartment people called us today and told us that they can have our apartment ready 17 days early, thanks a lot fancy apartment place for telling me the wrong date and letting me schedule a moving company around your date. AND canceling my daycare around that date, AND coordinating travel around that date. AWESOME.


Laura said...

I had it in high school and I did the same thing, I gave myself a bedtime routine. I drank warm milk..barf! and read for an hour before bed. A nice bubble bath helps too.

stephanie5288 said...

Feeling your pain! I've had pretty bad insomnia lately too. It's always horrible when my husband's gone.

rebecca said...

ouch! does mimi wake up at the crack of dawn? that must be ROUGH. i've had insomnia since i was TWELVE...thank goodness for ambien!