Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Thursday

Holy Random Day Today.

Just some of the thoughts I had today:

I had the BEST talk with my PhD adviser today.  We sat outside on the patio and ate our lunch together and as I was chomping down on my subway sub (eat fresh), we talked family and kids.  Now being my PhD advisor and all, his job is actually somewhat evaluated on my performance as a student.  This includes how many years it takes me to graduate, how many papers I publish, etc etc.  So you would think that when I told him I was pregnant with Mimi he would have been concerned or annoyed or even inconvenienced right?  Nope. He was proud and happy for me.  Now 2 years later, still not finished with my PhD (although I"m only on year 4 and most people take 5 or more years), you would think that when I told him I was quitting my job and moving to Texas so my husband could work a great job and I could stay home with Mimi and have more babies he'd be once again concerned or annoyed or even inconvenienced right? Nope. We had a very candid conversation about the value of at-home parenting and even home-schooling (which i'm still on the fence about doing with Mimi).  I LOVE that my advisor values family and kids.  I love that he thinks that it's a wonderful to want to be at home with my child.  Now that he was nice to me today, he'll probably spend tomorrow nagging me to write more.....

Mimi also had an adventure today. An adventure in POOP.  So the other day when I picked Mimi up from daycare, I told my daycare provider to watch out---because Mimi had taken to stripping naked including taking off her diaper, especially if you let her play in the crib too long after nap is over.  I told her one of my parenting fears is that Mimi will have pooped in her and then taken if off and smeared it everywhere in her crib.  So what do you think she called me today and told me?  Mimi stripped naked, took her diaper off after naptime (she's in a pack in play in a private room in the lady's house), and proceeded to take her poop and smear it EVERYWHERE.  I feel kind of bad for the daycare provider that she had to clean up this catastrophe, but I also kind of laughed.  The daycare provider shouldn't have left her there awake so long!  She'll go and retrieve her from nap faster next time I bet!
Ellie's Awesome Faux Hawk, she's so badass

French Tip Toes :-)
I got a pedicure with my bud Grace today before I picked Mimi up.  We now have pretty toes and I got to hold baby Ellie and get my baby fix.  When I finish my PhD and lose these last 10 lbs Franco better watch out because I am so ready for baby #2!  Ellie had a nice faux hawk today.  She slept through our pedicures, I swear i've only seen her eyes once, what a peaceful sleepy newborn she is!  And I LOVE her fat little cheekies.

Mimi protested at swim today.  It was really quite the pain in the ass today.  After daycare I rush to swim class at the YMCA.  It's so crowded at 6pm so I park all the way out in the end of the lot (like 1/4 mile from the door), carry giganto toddler Mimi in because I"m in a rush and she walks like an elderly person, get into the lockeroom and realize my friggin' swimsuit is in the car.  I rush back carrying giganto toddler again, and by the time we get in the pool we're 10 minutes late for our 30 minute class.  To top it off, Mimi decides she doesn't want to swim today.  No jumping, no bubbles, no kicking, and certainly no swimming underwater.  She clung to me like she was going to be eaten by a bear if she leg go.  So needless to day it was a wash so to speak.

After her swim Kim watched Mimi and I went to a crossfit class at the college track.  It was INTENSE.  I really needed a class like this to jump start me.  My running hass become stagnent and I need to mix it up.  I still run 2-3 miles a couple days a week too though.  I am going to lose this last 10 lbs and get all fit and stuff lol.  Franco is so bored living in a hotel alone that he's been working out everyday too.  We're getting buff together long-distance style.

Well no i'm EXHAUSTED.  I 'm going to sleep.  I've been not setting the alarm clock and just waking up when Mimi wakes up. We don't get to daycare until like 10am lol, but we're both rested, happy and calm, what more could you ask for?

Later Peeps.

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