Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beach Weekend with Grandma

A guy I worked with owns a condo on crescent beach and gave us a weekend at his condo for free as sort of a thanks for the volunteer work I do for his ministry.   We got there Friday afternoon and enjoyed the late afternoon rays.  We found a local grocery store and made some nice dinners in house.  Saturday we got 5 solid hours of beautifulness before a storm came.  It was actually perfect, the storm came right at nap time anyway!   Today Mimi and I hit the beach at 8:30am right after breakfast to get in our last few digs in the sand before we checked out at 11am.  We went to downtown St. Augustine on our way out and spent a few hours shopping, wandering, and eating icecream, and of course snapping photos like tourists.  I kind of with I had brought the stroller though.    Now we're home applying aloe to our pink shoulders and cheeks and washing damp beach clothes.  Another weekend of "saying goodbye" to Florida.  We move to our Apt. in Austin June 24.  I just want to share some moments...
The beach access right outside the condo.  Clean, beautiful, white sands!
My mom doesn't get to see Mimi that much, but when she comes, Mimi LOVES it.  Mommy loves it too.  She gets a little break without feeling guilty.

Thank you Target for all the dollar bin sand toys! They were a hit!

I just really like this photo of my mom.

My drip castle right before Mimi smashed it.

Me Chillin on the balcony in my happening beach hair.

Mimi hanging by a fountain in downtown St. Augustine.

I love this face.  Mimi in downtown St. Augustine.

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