Thursday, June 2, 2011

Crossfit Level 1

I do this Crossfit Level 1 class twice a week (tue/thur) for 45 minutes and try to run 2 or 3 times a week in addition.  This is my attempt to breakthrough the brick wall I've hit by only running (in both my weight and relative fitness level).  I figure, might as well get hot fit and toned while my husband is gone so when he sees me in a month he'll be blown away!

It's been two weeks now.  I actually gained weight, which kills my ego but most of it is water weight from forgetting to take my bp meds for 2 days lol.  No joking.  I wanted to show you guys the the differences I'm seeing in just a few weeks.  I never felt this lean just running. Running burns calories and relieves my stress but it doesn't make me feel this fit and strong.   Tonight's class made me want to cry and collapse on the grass in exhaustion. IT WAS AWESOME.   I have 2 weeks left in this class and then I plan on doing Crossfit in Austin, where they have a HUGE crossfit facility.  Well, if I can afford it and childcare during class! lol  I realize this isn't anything spectacular, but if you consider what I used to look like, this is progress to me!

Here are some photos of me from a year ago (March 2010) and from today.  Don't mind the fact that I still have baby belly pudge that will probably NEVER F'ING GO AWAY!
Wow, these are kind of embarrassing......

I know the shots aren't a match but you get the point.....

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Jess Craig said...

you look like a freaking olympian athlete. i'm not even joking. i've heard of crossfit. there was a little crossfit "shop"? i don't know, it was right next to subway for awhile and me and josh were always so curious as to what it was. it looked kinda different from the outside looking in. anyway, they closed up. too many fat people here i guess. :)