Thursday, January 13, 2011

Long awaited update

I make it sound like you all are just holding your breath waiting for me to update my blog! As if right?

Well I know I have a few loyal readers that enjoy my posts so I'll make one for them.
First I have to put up this photo of mimi. Can you believe this hair? I love it. I hope if lasts forever.  The whispy soft brown curls.  Sometimes my husband says "damn we make cute kids, lets make another...." I tell him to be careful what he wishes for!  lol  My preggo friend (one of them anyway...) was over last night and we were talking about pregnancy, and I just think, man I want a baby right now, but I so can't afford one.  So in the meantime, i'll just keep sewing cute stuff for their babies and staring at Mimi's whispy curls wondering if the next one will have them.

That was random...

Anyway... So guess what, in the chaos of my husband's family and my stressful job I haven't run since Saturday---Damn that's bad.  For some odd reason, even with lack of running, I managed to lose another pound and a half.  I'm at 178.6 today. Dude.  8.6 lbs from my goal weight. So nuts.  I am going to buy some running tights tonight--it's 30 out, too cold for bare legs and I hate running in baggy pants.


Kammy'sMama said...

im glad you updates :) congrats for being so close to your goal...ur amazing!! and i know what you mean about wanting another baby...i wish i could get pregnant right now but with our 14 month old and my husband being out of work...we can't afford it either. hopefully, things will change! :)

Jess Craig said...

i really see you in this picture of her.

Laura said...

awesome! thanks for the update! soo close to your goal!!