Thursday, January 27, 2011

Big Girl Bed and 10K 101

So at Mimi's 18 month appointment with her pediatrician, we delved into the realm of big girl beds.  Mimi is the size of a two-year old, easily.  She's 28 lbs, and I think 33 inches.  She's a big kid.  She swings her leg over the rail of her crib like it's her job.  She tosses and turns all night and I can hear her BANGING into the side of the crib.  Last night, in her refusal to sleep, she sad perpendicular in her crib kicking the rails.

My husband, the pediatrician, and I all agree Mimi is too big for her crib.  She is ready to be in a bigger bed.  Now, not everyone agrees with me.  Even my daycare provider exclaimed "Why would you do that!?" when I mentioned it to her.  My friends with kids politely recommend I wait a little longer as they have with their kids.  WTF people.  Who puts my kid to bed EVERY NIGHT!? Me.  Who knows my kids sleeping issues BEST? ME.  Okay, so your kid couldn't climb out of their crib, or maybe Mimi is still a baby to you. She's not.  The idea of taking down her crib breaks my heart into pieces and bring tears to my eyes. Seriously, it's pathetic.  I tear up at the idea of tucking away the crib, mattress, fuzzy chenille pottery barn kids sheets, not to mention all the underbed storage!  But she's not sleeping well, and at this rate with the kicking, she's going to break the crib rails.  I kind of wanted to save the crib for one (or two :-) ) more babies.
ahhh--the days of having a little muffin baby sleeping away in her crib.....

We've been thinking about getting her a platform bed from Ikea.  For two reasons, 1 we LOVE Ikea, and two, because the platform would be low to the ground so if/when she rolls out, she would be fine.  If we get a bed more than 12 inches off the ground, we would probably have to put up a side guard.  We've been also been considering some from potterybarnkids.  Her shelf was from there, and  yes they are expensive, but they're stuff really does hold up well and looks amazing. We'll see.  It was suggested to us to just put her mattress on the floor for awhile while we shop for a bed.  

So 10K....
I have officially registered for a 10K the first weekend in March. I figured this would help me continue to be motivated to run, an also I would be training harder so I can lose this LAST 10 POUNDS that's haunting me.  So far it's not going well, Yesterday I ran 3.5 miles and if felt like my legs weighed 100 lbs each. It sucked.  I had to push myself, I didn't enjoy it.  I don't know if it was the change in where I was running, or the time of day, or the no coffee. I suspect it was lack of caffeine. SUCKS that I am so addicted to coffee lately.  My husband keeps telling me to cut back, but I am having trouble functioning without it some mornings.

The good news is Todd from the 5K101 program just put out his 10K101 program! I literally yelled for joy when I saw this.  His 5K program was the ONLY one I've tried that I completed.  He kept me going.  His 10K program isn't' free, but it's only $14.95, I've spent more $ on less desirable crap! So tomorrow I'm going to buy it and get started. It's a 6 week program and my 10K is in 6 weeks.  Thanks Todd! I heart your running programs!


Jess Craig said...

i think the mattress on the floor sounds like an awesome idea for now. my friend has a son a month younger than mimi and he's also not a baby anymore. she has his mattress on the floor for right now and it's working out really well for them.

Kyle and Court said...

Sophie is 32 inches tall (or more now) and has been banging into the crib at night too. I think we can eek out a few more months (maybe) but my point is that I get YOUR point. People always think she is 2.

Geez, us and our tall kids.

And I am sending you LOVE and ENERGY for your 10k training. Can't wait to see you again.