Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just a Normal Saturday...

Picture heavy post....

Mimi's Day in Photos--yes she had 3 outfit changes today--laundry owns my ass.

Up and at em' at 7:30 am, hanging with mom in the kitchen, she helps me make coffee

Enjoying our scrambled eggs with ketchup, Don't hate, we all eat ketchup on our eggs in this house...

Some coloring after breakfast (one of the homemade bibs I have made recently, Mimi gets my mistake ones lol)

A walk outside

Some bubble blowing

Walking to the park to meet her bestie

Dahlia and Mimi

Mimi watched Papa make roasted eggplant (a reciped Jess will like, remind me to forward it to her), and Mommy ran 3.5 miles.  Now she's soundly asleep with a sippy cup of icewater and an elmo doll.


Jess Craig said...

egg plant? i don't know! i'm actually not the hugest fan. but i'll try it.

i love that mimi is seriously NOT a baby anymore. it's craazzy.

Kammy'sMama said...

what a fun day :)