Monday, January 10, 2011

Family Chaos

My husband's family came this past weekend and it was complete chaos.  I love them, all of them, lol, but it is kind of crazy having them all here at once.  Seven extra people in our house.....

I think the photos show the chaos better than my descriptions...
With Nana
The chaos of breakfast
sitting next to Nonno

Heading to the park

Walking the wagon herself
Aunty Al, Mimi's middle name is named for my husband's sister

My brother in law and his wife Maribel
using Mimi to play catch

My husband and his mom

with my husband's youngest sibling

Work has been stressful.  Having been home over Christmas and seeing how life at home could be, I know that big changes are coming this year.  Right now my cat is scratching for food, laundry is waiting, and I'm going to hit the hay early tonight because I have to teach tomorrow.
Saying bye bye to Uncle Gian and Aunt Maribel


Jess Craig said...

omg mimi is seriously getting huge! she looks so happy having all of her family around her. i hope the visit wasn't TOO stressful :)

Kammy'sMama said...

nice update :) Mimi is adorable as ever! it is so hard being at work and away from your daughter...i feel your pain! great pics, btw...i missed your blogs!